We believe in providing our customers with outstanding service. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we maintain a return policy that is fair and competitive. Upon placing your order and receiving your merchandise, you have up to thirty days to review the quality of your purchase. If you aren't completely satisfied, you can return your merchandise for a refund. Depending on your needs, our flexible return policy enables you to return all or part of your order. Our warranty does not apply to failure of abuse, accident, improperly adjusted or installation etc by customer. If your return is necessary due to a mistake on our part, we are happy to pay all shipping fees. In all other cases, you retain responsibility for paying the original shipping charges and any return shipping costs. For international orders, this responsibility extends to any additional duties or taxes. Following standard industry practices, we ask that all returned items are sent back in their original conditions. Returns should include original accessories and parts to enable easy restocking and resale. For specialty orders and wholesale transactions, we have different standards and requirements. Simply contact us with any questions about handling these types of returns. Our terms and conditions can also vary for items that are intended for rental, lease or resale. Our customer service experts are ready and willing to help customers understand our outstanding warranty guarantees. This unwavering focus on client satisfaction defines our corporate character. Through a commitment to conscientious customer service, we always set ourselves apart from competitors in our industry. The terms and conditions we stand by are essential for gaining and retaining loyal clients.